Humane contradictions

Never thought seriously about anything. Anything at all. May be the basic instinct of fear embedded in the genes from ancestry times, originating ultimately from the same stem cell, has gripped the umbilical cord of a being for a short while and has eventually eased, making emotions dissolve onto nothingness about anything under the sun to take a enduring presence in one’s being. Be it spirituality, religion, relationships, rational thinking, labor or rest, everything reacts the same way. Look at life for that particular moment of time. Nothing lasts and nothing briefs. A hasty word of comfort, a quick act of help or even a fortune which wishes momentarily is all too precious, knowing that it ain’t gonna last long enough to make elaborate analysis. All it takes is to accept one moment of life at a time.

The behavior of ‘devils as angels’ and ‘angels as devils’ have baffled me. The devils which wear white robes and the angels which wear black. If the ‘world-titled’ devil is a crystal clear placid lake, the ‘heaven-proclaimed’ angel is the debris of filth in the human cortex.

If these are the conditions of wolves wrapped in sheepskin and sheep with wolf’s brains, what is there to wonder and yonder at, in the world which we have inhabited in as social beings?

We ain’t humans, rather social animals, unable to feel our own fellow beings and assess dread against us?

Yet, there is an inhumane spirit which lives amidst us, the only one factor which can be relied upon. That spirit is selfless, graceful, peaceful.

There ain’t any kind of expectation hither or thither from it from our perspective. It’s a spirit devoid of looks and hence the comfort. Looks are hoodwinking, palpably deceptive.

The Spirit emits ‘Love’ which advances above all levels like nothing ever experienced before in the world. It needs to grow more in human to make them more humane unlike the uncivilized human who still is dependent on his own hopelessly invented languages to express himself in this once made civilized world.

If you fail to be in a condition to take anyone by their words of their own mouth, then what is the purpose of the communicative skill and the freedom of speech with trust on someone practised in this murky dumb imprisoned world order?

Shun the evil and wickedness inside you, not the one others notice but the one you know exists in the secret chambers of your mind. Learn languages of minds and expressions of the heart. Perhaps you might be spared on the judgement day. Who knows? Judgement happens in this realistic life of yours and the one you believe in, mind it!

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