Memories, my right.

Give me my experiences that I can store it as memories at the barns of my senescence. The experiences of my present you refuse are the happiness you refuse me when during one cold winter, you too would have taken the journey of pilgrimage, lost in fog of fate.

Who will travel first and who will go latter is not what I want to discuss. You are wasting me, my nature, my laws, my fascinations.

Why are you mean to my walk of life which the nature gave me the right to experience.

I was born to travel on this particular road and if you wouldnt have been there to duck me up in my life, by natural instincts, I would have taken this path and had my share of experiences.

Those are my treasures I save as pleasant memories to cherish upon when I’m on third support, my stick to hold me, sitting on the plank all alone to munch on my beautiful natural life.

It’s you who’re have made it synthetic, plastic and featureless. This is not the way I would have handled this, had you not been there to threaten me keeping my future hung to a cliff.

You go to hell or heaven, why the duck do you compel me to go with you. I have a conscience of my own to place myself. If you wanna be on streets like in proverbs, go stand, please them with your sweet honey dripping words and hell with you.

I want to save my experiences, moments which I favor as memories for my end. Give me my life. Give me my memories.

You give it or I rip you up and take it. It’s my life, nothing I have for you to share except that on road manners. I travelled and you joined after half of my experiences all alone. I will not allow a co-passenger to take my memories away. That’s too much to sacrifice for a man of dreams. Be just a voyager not a twister. I thought in that brief period of the journey we were aphoristic. But you meanwhile drained my nature, poisoned it and are trying to inject it back into my veins. Treachery!

Go live your life the way you want. I share no certitude with ghoulish gouts after you have stripped me of my clothes and made me stand naked exposing my groin belongings to dogs.

I will remember it forever the audacity you have displayed in your words stating that you and me are euphemistic in nature. Dare you devil! Give me my life. Give me my memories. It’s mine, my ducking right. Love is all that I need, purest in its form, crystallized from fire.

memories my right
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