The solar Eclipse

You have over the passing period of time gained much confidence to be alive without oxygen, which once in your lifetime you claimed that you could not survive without.

I knew from then that you could. You could swim through space without the life-support, which was just an illusion of dependence to you.

Maybe you felt it necessary to feel that way then to move to the next phase of social existence and you need the necessity of it no more.

You wanted to get illuminated in the limelight and may be thought that I was your sun. I had never been a sun but you had always been a moon. You always liked the solar shine on you to keep you bright and lit.

When you move from the sun, now it’s just the eclipse which you think would end. It’s not going to be. You have wanted some source to be your light and where it is you will continue to move.

Farewell to you as you move towards nothingness and voidness. May you search for light find none, breath without oxygen and still survive to be. Good luck to your voyage. This conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Good bye.

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