Corporal Entity

When you allow one instance to assess the entire future, what can I do than laugh at you. When it’s gone, you’ll know what difference it made.

You’ll know one day what you have lost is something which you will then acknowledge as a lost gift, once when you procured it. You will suffer all throughout in this brief leftover life of yours to come, with the thought of acting in haste.

If I were you, I would have gone back and fought my life to keep it with me. It’s easy to get carried away with that contagious consciousness of your own identity, which turns out to be an inflated feeling of worthless pride in your self defined superiority to others.

Be frank to admit that each time, you practise this illness, you realise yourself that you would have lost something for good at that very moment which might be not so evident then but would turn out to be a hard reality all of a sudden one fine day. And that would be when you realise how bad this slow-working ego units have cost your entire life.

It’s kind of a virus that you are infected with, this thing called your ‘Self’ which you are obsessed with. You yourself know deep inside you that you hate it inwardly but outwardly you pretend to enjoy enacting it and proud possessing it.You are a fool who cannot count consequences.

You will lose everything else and have this iniquity if you continue to pretend. The future is yours to decide. The love will still survive. But the flavours of it will no more be connected. There would be no skin to rub, no warmth to gain.

I wish it wouldn’t have been that way. But you asked for it and so be it for the one who pleaded for solace from being intimidated and in your sense harrassed. By all sense you can relax for we, henceforth are free from being complicit. The roads we strode before coming to the conclave crossroads, are the roads we are strolling back on.

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