The Earth Conspiracy #1

The nature and its insiders had become tired of trying to make human beings cultured towards their mother. The human animals had loathed way beyond what was set to them, as freedom, as self-restraint. They defiled their own mother all the possible ways they could imagine. They stripped their own mother naked and set her … Continue reading The Earth Conspiracy #1


How much ever we plan, It happens how it should happen. Pre-plans, assessments, everything goes as engagements for passing time.. Term it in any heavenly terms or lame man’s earthly terms‘. All seems to be the same. No blames. Therefore don't be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. #Tomorrow #Blog #Assessments … Continue reading Tomorrow


Luck is an unknown and inexplicable phrased event or moment of goodness, happening in your life which is not necessarily the commendable result of your past, nor could be taken as a foundation for your continued best of future, but is just a spark which could set your life ablaze; the fate of which also … Continue reading Luck