Reality in blaze

They got a canvas, an easel, a brush and some pastels and drew a burning fire on the surface. Basically the canvas does not have the physical and molecular property to ignite a fire and so will not burn by itself. The others passing by who saw illusive illustration thought the fire which was made … Continue reading Reality in blaze

Destiny and Relationships

Meet your destiny How do you ever know who your real father is? You learn it from your mother. Right? The person who she points out and says is indeed your father. It's the untainted, unwavering trust you have on her word which makes your natural instincts believe who your father is. And that is … Continue reading Destiny and Relationships

Humane contradictions

Never thought seriously about anything. Anything at all. May be the basic instinct of fear embedded in the genes from ancestry times, originating ultimately from the same stem cell, has gripped the umbilical cord of a being for a short while and has eventually eased, making emotions dissolve onto nothingness about anything under the sun … Continue reading Humane contradictions